Featured Artist: Eduardo Exposito

The exposito-artistphotoStudio de Arte founder and staff began visiting Cuba in 2009, long before the death of Fidel Castro and were immediately captivated by the images and color used in what many of the artists refer to as “protest art.”  The other striking aspect of many of Cuba’s artist’s is their incredible expertise.  Many artists spend years in training and despite the lack of availability of supplies from canvas to paint, the drive to create remains ever-strong and many an artist will use whatever materials are available to them.

Studio de Arte first encountered Eduardo Exposito back in 2009 and immediately recognized that there was much more to the expressions on the faces he paints than mere feelings.  Exposito is painting ideas, many of those central to the struggle of the people of Cuba.

We learned that Exposito’s grandfather was a painter and while he is primarily a painter, Exposito actually began work as a photographer. Later he studied drama for three years, and he also ran an art gallery. His professional contacts with respected artists in Cuba, such as Carlos Luna and Adrin Roberto, led to his involvement in the Cuban Center for Cultural Assets in the 1990s, and eventually he took up painting as a career.

Behind many of his paintings are not just feelings but ideas. Some of his favorite techniques in painting are monotype composition, collage, and other methods that he has developed himself as evidenced in the complexity of his paintings.

You can read Eduardo Exposito’s biography and view his career trajectory here. 

Please join us on First Friday, January 6, 2017 at Gallery Narrow in the The Bauer Building, KC Crossroads to view the work of Eduardo Exposito and Lazaro Puig.